Friday 16th February

I was out early this morning and could see the Boers shelling our men from the Dronfield ridge, this side of Macfarlane's & our men replying to them, also General French's column a long way to the right making their way to the top of the ridge so as to get at the back of the Boers, which they managed successfully.   The Boers scouted for dear life from Kamfersdam, Intermediate, Dronfield, Sackfan [?] leaving everything behind them, provisions, ammunition, clothing, cattle, pots & pans, Bibles, Wagons.   A good many Dutchmen were killed by the Lancers charging them, they cannot stand cold steel.   I saw all the troops (French Column) coming into camp after the battle, they looked a fine lot of men, but both horses and men looked knocked up.   They had done some very hard travelling before getting into Kbly having had orders to come in as quickly as possibly [sic - possible] to relieve us from that awful terror, the 100 pounder.   I have been sleeping at the store I am in charge of for 8 days never having my clothes off & getting my meals the best I could because it was the safest place.   A many more business places & houses were hit with shells.   My tailor, Old Samuels Stores, was knocked to pieces.   Godlontons old store, that house in Ward St where Harthers used to live was considerably damaged, also Bonas house.  Willie Brown's father was taken prisoner by the Boers & is at Bloemfontein.   Mrs Brown & family were sent to the Colony.   Mr & Mrs Kent are still away but now that we have [been] relieved communications will soon be opened.   I believe that trains will commence running next week sometime, when I expect to receive a regular budget [?] of letters just [...] Kimberley been cut off for from solid mou..[?]

15th February 1900

17th February 1900