Sunday 18th February

I went on the Kershaw's this morning to look at the damage done by the shell.   I also called at Humphreys & they asked me to stay to dinner, which I did.   Mr H was at home and they had killed a fowl & I can tell it was a treat to have fowl, Green Peas and Potatoes as these [???] are out of the question.   Since we got relief, more cattle have been coming in & all beef has been served out.   I don't think I have said much about the weather in this epistle, but we have had the usual hot summer weather which has been very trying.   Have had very little rain.   I was at Eitzens on Saturday night, they are all very well, also Kershaws & Humphreys.   I need not tell you but we have all got this on our Rations, I think we shall soon have more to eat now that the railway has commenced running.   I shall now close this epistle.   I have tried to give you as descriptive account of things as I could.  I don't think I should make a war correspondent.  I am waiting for your letters, which I think will be here in a few days. so that I can have the proper address & post this by the first mail going out.

Give my love to  ? & ? and accept my fondest love & kisses for yourself & Arnold.

                        From you ever loving,


PS   I am sending you a lot of papers each Bundle is marked 1,2,3 etc so that you will know which is the oldest.   I am also sending the Xmas ??.


                         You might keep this small diary, it might perhaps be useful.

17th February 1900

Obituary (Kimberley Star, 1912)