Sunday 7th January

I have had a good week's work at my new job.   The itself is alright but having to walk 4 or 5 times a day right down below the new Gaol seems to knock one up and am very tired when I get home at night, however I shall get over this as they find we have too much work for 2 men so another store is going to be opened nearer the town & I shall be transferred.   On Wednesday morning started the new arrangement about meat & at 6 o'clock the side entrances to the market building was a sight to see, the people standing 3 abreast reaching from the market gates to the corner of Transvaal Road & the same on the other side.   The Notice No 10 in the newspaper will give you particulars how the people of different wards have to enter.   Also on this day, Wednesday, another Proclamation was issued that at 9-30pm every night all lights have to be extinguished.   This is on account of paraffin & candles being about exhausted.   Paraffin has really been finished for some.   Everyone has to go to bed at 9-30 or sit in the dark.

31st December 1899

14th January 1900