Saturday 18th November

A few shells were fired at Kenilworth & the Reservoir but no damage done.   A proclamation was issued this week that all produce dealers & holders of meats & flour Stamp Mealies, Rice & Sugar, Tinned Meats, Fish, would be taken over by the Military Authorities, & all to be delivered at Bill Paddon Store. Of course all our stock had to go & we have nothing to sell.  The store is empty.  The Military pays Williams for what was taken over but cannot say when.  I don't know what was the idea of doing this unless it was that some people were charging exorbitant prices for some of their stuff.  You will see from the different proclamations in the papers that the grocers are restricted from selling only a certain quantity of goods.  Bakers are not allowed to bake all flour & no cakes or fancy breads are to be made.  The Military Authorities deal out all the above & no Bakers or retail dealers are allowed more than one month's supply.

17th November 1899

19th November 1899