Saturday 10th February

A few 100 pounders were sent in again this morning before breakfast.  One struck the New Theatre just over the stage, a many ladies had taken refuge in the Theatre when shelling commenced & fortunately no-one was hurt.   During the other part of the morning all was quiet.   The lull on account of some of the troops going out during the night to the Homestead on Barkly Road which drew the Boers' attention.   However they started again in the afternoon stopping at about 6-30, but as soon as Mr Labram's funeral had started from the hospital they commenced throwing in shells in the direction of the hospital & cemetery & kept it up until past 11 at night.   Generally when they have been at it all day they stop at about 6 o'clock at night.   I don't know why they commenced again in the evening, unless it was on a/c of the funeral or to make up for lost time during the morning.    They get every bit of news, somehow it is conveyed to them thro the barriers by some traitors.   There is a good feature about them & that is they don't shell on Sundays, but the thing is getting to [sic - too] serious, at present where I am at the store, I am pretty safe from the shells altho they come whizzing over & make an awful noise which makes one feel rather nervous.   You hear them drop with such a bang that you wonder who is the next victim.   I shall certainly go down to Cape Town when the line is open as I feel I must have a change.

9th February 1900

11th February 1900