Friday 9th February

The Boers commenced their little game again this morning with the 100 pounder keeping it up all day, doing a lot of damage to property & killing several persons.   Mrs Robert Solomon & child, wife of Robert Solomon in De Beers Office & brother to Arthur Solomon attorney, she was just coming out of the redoubt at the house when a shell struck the house, killing the child in her arms & cutting off completely one of Mrs S's breasts.   She is in a very critical condition.   Another shell struck the Grand Hotel killing Mr Labram of De Beers Coy.  He had just got home (he was staying at the Grand) and was hanging his hat on the rail when the shell came thro the building killing him instantaneous [-ly] beside cutting off one hand and foot.   He is to be buried tomorrow, Saturday evening at 8 o'clock.

8th February 1900

10th February 1900