Wednesday 14th February

Firing was heard outside Kbly this morning but cannot say whether it is the Relief Column.   Soon after 7 o'clock the 100 pounder started.   Councillor Foley's house & several others in the vicinity of Kafer Street have been considerably damage[d] by shells.   There has been a fight out at Alexandersfontein this morning (the Boers having possession of this place) & several Boers taken prisoners, including Boer women & children & brought into Kbly.  We also captured a quantity of cattle, sheep, horses, prisoners and ammunition between 9 & 10 this evening.   Some very sharp Volly firing was heard at Carter's Farm.   The De Beers have been very good to the people down the mines, feeding them on soup, milk for the children, Fruit from Kenilworth.   Mr Oates' Bakehouse was demolished by a shell, also Gladstone Hotel badly damaged.

13th February 1900

15th February 1900