Thursday 25th January

The Boers commenced shelling again early this morning, doing more damage than yesterday, one shell falling in a house in Sydney St causing severe injuries to a woman & 3 children.   1 child was injured so badly that it died soon after been [sic - being] admitted into hospital - see paper, other shells dropping into Bristen Rutledge the tailor in Jones St damaging the whole of the shop front, Moses Cornwall, Colonel Harris, Lawrence Jones, front of Dr Fuller's, Rudd's House, etc.   You hear the gun's been fired & then for a second or two you hear the shell come whizzing over your head & then drop with a bang.   It is very strange but all the damage the shells have done in killing people or who have died from fright have been Dutch people or sympathisers with the Dutch.

24th January 1900

28th January 1900