Monday 13th November

Shelling commenced again at about 10.30 lasting about 2 hours.   One cab horse killed & the driver slightly hurt, in the same cab was Mr Grant who used to live in Walsh's house, Dunnell St, he was not scratched - I managed to get a letter through this week, it was only half a sheet of paper & the envelope had to be left open.  It was handed in to the Military Authorities & I hope it got off alright.   I addressed it c/o of Cardy [?] thinking you might have left Wadsly Bridge.  I must say I am very thankful you are away from all this excitement, the nuisance is not been able [sic] to get ones letters, we have now been cut off 5 weeks & until reinforcements arrive we shall still be without news & I don't expect they will get here without having to fight their way up from Belmont.

12th November 1899

14th November 1899